The road to an improved golf game and journey with a new golf coach starts here. At Rick Krebs Golf, we utilize the New Student Assessment to get all of our students working towards their goals, whether they’re a beginning golfer or an experienced, competitive player. It’s simple – our first step with the New Student Assessment is to identify and prioritize the skills that cost you the most shots currently. 

Here’s how it works:

The New Student Assessment begins with work on the range, while we begin to look at your full swing and identify possible areas of improvement on your long irons, short irons and driving.From the range, we will then move to the short game area to assess your putting, pitching, chipping and bunker shots. 

Based off our assessment of your game, we will cap the session by providing a complete customized performance plan to help you get working towards your goals. These performance plans are built around your availability, goals, practice availability, volume of rounds played and more. 

This is your opportunity to take your first step towards better golf.

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